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2023 Christmas spray 2023-12-16

Animated Counter-Strike: Source Spray.

  1. Amin
    Hell 2023 Animated Christmas spray for Counter-Strike: Source
    I hope you like it, you will find the previews and the installation instructions down below.


    1- Open your Steam client>>Navigate to the "Library" tab>>Right-click on "Counter-Strike: Source" in your game list>>Select "Properties.">>Click on the "Local Files" >> Open "cstrike" folder"

    2- Copy the VTF and VMT Files to the Correct Directory:".../materials/vgui/logos"

    3- Launch Counter-Strike: Source

    4- Select the spray on multiplayer settings.

    5- Join a server that allows custom sprays and press spray key (by default "T") to spray on surfaces in the game.

    6- Have fun.

    The ZIP file contains:

    1. Spray Files: (Both needed.)
    • Hellchristmas.vtf
    • Hellchristmas.vmt
    2. Installation Guide:
    • ReadMe.txt