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About Us

In-Game Name       
Position Location Member Since
]HeLL[ Nomy Clan Founder United Kingdom 12-2006
]HeLL[ Boy Senior Member United Kingdom 12-2006
]HeLL[ PickleJar Senior Member United Kingdom 06-2007
]HeLL[ Pagno Senior Member Italy 10-2010
]HeLL[ DiMiS Senior Member Greece 03-2011
]HeLL[ Adey Senior Member Ireland 01-2012
]HeLL[ suRpr1zE Senior Member Iceland 01-2011
]HeLL[ Steezy Senior Member United Kingdom 08-2013
]HeLL[ Soul Reaver Senior Member Austria 04-2016
]HeLL[ WildFire Clan Member United Kingdom 04-2013
]HeLL[ Chris Clan Member United Kingdom 08-2013
]HeLL[ JayJay Clan Member United Kingdom 07-2014
]HeLL[ Myles Clan Member United Kingdom 07-2014
]HeLL[ Arya Clan Member Belgium 03-2015
]HeLL[ Remix Clan Member United Kingdom 04-2016
]HeLL[ WazBlaz Clan Member United Kingdom 04-2016
]HeLL[ Conner Clan Member United Kingdom 02-2018
]HeLL[ Cus D'Amato Retired Member Netherlands 01-2008
]HeLL[ WalshY Retired Member United Kingdom 01-2008
]HeLL[ Vanguard Retired Member Ireland 04-2008
]HeLL[ Amouraa Retired Member Germany 01-2011

]HeLL[ Clan started off back in 2006. The founder, Nomy decided to run his own CS:S server at his house in 2007.

The clan kicked off with only two members Nomy and his brother Boy. After some time, more and more members were recruited
as ]HeLL[ Clan's name was gaining popularity quickly throughout Europe and our server sitting at the top of the game servers list.
Making us one of the busiest clan community.

For a clan like us, we operate differently compared to other local clans. We don't believe in join us forms applications and such,
we want the best admins who we think are suitable for our community. The ]HeLL[ members are the ideal chosen admins of the clan from our community
which makes recruitment by Invite Only.