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How to find your steam id?

Discussion in 'Unban & Unmute Requests' started by Nomy, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Oct 11, 2010
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    How to find your Steam id?
    Both steam and non-steam players got a steam id.
    We need this to unban or unmute you.

    Join any server, type status in console and copy the numbers after your name.
    Starting with STEAM_0: or [U:1:


    Retrieving your Steam ID through Profile URL?

    1)Open steam,
    2)Look for your name on top left Mine: (]HeLL[ JayJay)
    3)Hover mouse over your name, to get a drop down bar and select Profile
    4)When on Profile, Right click on Profile Back ground for box to appear
    5)Select “Copy page URL”:
    6)Paste URL details in “Steam ID I/O” below to recieve your steam ID.

    Viewing Different version's of your Steam ID?

    1) Visit website: https://steamid.io/
    2) Enter either your steam ID, Profile Page Url or U:1 code
    3) Receive all relevant information you need (We use Steam_0 for bans and mutes):


    How to get console in CSS?
    1) Open CSS, click Options
    2) Click the Keyboard tab
    3) Click Advanced..
    4) Tick the box where it says Enable developer console(~)



    1) Open STEAM and go to Library (where you can find your games). Right click on CSS and choose "properties".
    2) A new window will open, choose "set launch options.."
    3) In the new window, type " -console " and click OK. Now open CSS, and console should appear.

    1) [​IMG]

    2) [​IMG]

    3) [​IMG]
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