JailBreak Server
Visit our website at https://hellclan.co.uk
Join us on discord at https://discord.gg/hellclan

Mission Statement: ]HeLL[ Clan tries to create a certain atmosphere for everyone to enjoy, we will even apply our rules to ourselves and fellow members of the clan. Please follow the rules to help in keeping this fun, enjoyable atmosphere. Not following any of the rules may result in a permanent ban without any warnings.

  1. Hackers/Cheaters will be permanently banned without warning, period. No exceptions.
  2. No Bunnyhop scripts, hacks, freescrolls, hyperscrolls and macros allowed.
  3. Respect All Players (Including Admins And Regulars).
  4. No Freekilling.
  5. No Ghosting.
  6. No weapon spamming.
  7. Always follow JailBreak rules (Type !rules to see the rules).
  8. No whining or crying (we want a good atmosphere on the server).
  9. No recruiting or creating "Friends group".
  10. No racial, religious or homophobic slurs.
  11. No inappropriate images in sprays (i.e. pornographic, racial / religious hatred sprays).
  12. No advertising servers or websites.
  13. English ONLY on mic.
  14. Only 1 person at a time on Mic.
  15. If someone is speaking on mic, please DON'T speak over them.
  16. No spamming microphone, text chat or radio commands.
  17. No kids with high-pitched voice on mic.
  18. No Exploiting.
  19. No Glitching.
Server Administrators
  • ]HeLL[ Members
  • SuperUsers
  • PayAdmins
Server commands - Type in chat to execute
  • !servers - To connect to another ]HeLL[ Server
  • rtv - Rock The Vote
  • votemap - To vote a map
  • nominate - To nominate a map
  • votekick - To vote kick a player when no admin present
  • voteban - To vote ban a player when no admin present
  • votemute - To vote mute a player
  • @ YOURMESSAGE - To chat to admins privately
  • !settings - To change client-side settings e.g. deathbeam, quake sounds
  • nextmap - To show the next map.
  • timeleft - To show the time left for the next map.
  • thetime - To show the current server time in the top left of the screen.

]HeLL[ Clan reserves the right to remove a player from the server to allow entrance to a ]HeLL[ member. Kicked players will normally be those on the server with highest ping or having lowest connection time.